How We Got Started

Several years ago, I started purchasing tailor made shirts, dresses, and pants from a local DC designer. I was bored with the faddish styles being offered in the market. I was so interested in the art of fashion and the creation process that I began to sew for myself. Friends, family, and strangers began asking me to make garments for their special events, and I thought, "I have a voice in the fashion world, and I'm going to pursue my passion."

When I started to brainstorm on what I should name my fashion line, I thought about the fashion worn by legends like Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Diahann Carroll, Audrey Hepburn, Josephine Baker, Billy Dee Williams, Hugh Grant, Harry Belafonte, and Sean Connery. What did all these style icons have in common? Their style was timeless and worthy of being reborn. Hence, "The Rebirth of Style" was born!

In my opinion, today's ready-to-wear fashion is lacking class and so many people struggle with what to wear, where to buy what looks good on them, and how to stay current with fashion.

The Rebirth of Style is bringing timelessness back to fashion making everyday people feel classy, sexy, and unforgettable when they walk in a room!